PhotoNext è il centro Interdipartimentale del Politecnico di Torino per le tecnologie fotoniche, le cui attività di ricerca sperimentale e applicata coprono tre aree tematiche: sistemi di comunicazione ad elevata velocità in fibra ottica, sensori ottici e componenti ottici per applicazioni industriali.



"Multimaterial optical fiber sensors" by Prof. Fabien Sorin, EPFL (Switzerland)

we are very pleased to announce the following seminar within the framework of the 3rd level Course "Materials for Photonics and Sensing" organized by ScuDo and PhotoNext Interdepartmental Center: "Multimaterial optical fiber sensors" by Prof. Fabien Sorin - EPFL (Switzerland). The lecture will take place on Thursday September 20, 2018 - 2:30 PM at the Sala Conferenze SITI, Corso Castelfidardo 30/A - TORINO

The participation is open to everyone. For more information, please follow this link application/pdf (833,73 kB)

Friday, September 21st 2018, 15:30

"Scaling Optical Networking Capacity - Options and Solutions" by Peter J. Winzer – Nokia Bell Labs (USA)

We are very please to announce a new PhotoNext seminar held by Peter J. Winzer – Nokia Bell Labs (USA), the recipient of the 2018 Optical Society of America (OSA) prestigious  "John Tyndall" Award. The talk will be on Friday, September 21st 2018 at 15:30 in Sala Conferenze SITI, Corso Castelfidardo 30/A, Torino.

The seminar title is "Scaling Optical Networking Capacity - Options and Solutions"

The participation is open to everyone. For more information, please follow this link application/pdf (481,85 kB)

2018, July 5th at 2.00 pm, Sala Andromeda, ISMB

Tektronix Seminar on ultra-high speed oscilloscope

Tektronix invites you to attend to an interesting presentation about the exciting world of high-performance oscilloscopes. The talk will start with an introduction to the basic principle of both equivalent-time and real-time oscilloscopes, summarize the capabilities, advantages and limitations of each platform, and highlight the key applications they are used for.

During the talk you will learn about real-time sampling architectures, and state-of-the-art technologies that are used in modern oscilloscopes to achieve highest bandwidth and lowest noise performance.

We will finally present several practical applications, where real-time oscilloscopes are used for.

After the talk, interested participants are invited to join a hands-on session in the PhotoNext laboratory on a 200 Gsample/s real time oscilloscope.