October-November 2020

PhotoNext Dissemination event "Esperto in Classe - Biennale Tecnologia"

The PhotoNext center is actively participating in the dissemination events organized by POLITO under the initiative "Biennale Tecnologia - Esperto in Classe". You can see the details at the following link:


Our researchers, together with the POLITO OSA student Chapter, will visit four High Schools, with an interactive lesson on digital transmission over optical fibers.

Here is the  timetable:

- 2020, October 19th: Liceo Majorana, (live)

- 2020, October 26th: Liceo Norberto Rosa, Bussoleno (online streaming)

- 2020, November 2nd: Isiltp Verrès (online streaming)

- 2020, November 5th: Istituto Pellati (online streaming)

Here are some pictures taken during the live event at Liceo Majorana in Turin:


Pubblicato il: 13/10/2020