PhotoNext is the POLITO Inter-Departimental Center for Photonic technologies, focused on experimental and applied research in three key areas: optical fiber ultra-high speed communication systems, optical sensors and optical components for industrial applications.

You can find here a video describing the main features of the Center.


Starting from 2019, the Center is closely connected with FIP "Fotonica in Piemonte", the infrastructure on Applied Photonics sponsored by a project of Regione Piemonte. You can find here the brochure application/pdf (8.01 MB) describing this organization, and also the video of the kick-off event.

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Friday 30 September 2022 - 2:30 pm Sala Shannon (meeting room in front of Classroom 12)

Seminar by Prof. Y. Koike

Seminar by Prof Yasuhiro Koike, Director and Founder of Keio Photonics Research Institute (KPRI), Keio University, Japan, on "Advanced Plastic Optical Fiber Technologies for Beyond 5G Society"

You can find here the brochure of the event application/pdf (595.06 kB) with detailed info. 

Thursday 22 September 2022 10:00 AM, POLITO Classroom 10

Seminar by Frederic Grillot

Seminar by Prof. Frederic Grillot, Télécom Paris (France) on "Free Space Optical Communications using Quantum Cascade Lasers"

Thursday 22 September 2022 10:00 AM ‐ Politecnico di Torino -  Classroom 10

Please find here the brochure of the event application/pdf (175.54 kB) with detailed info.

Best paper award at the ONDM 2022 Conference

We are very glad to announce that our paper presented at the ONDM 2022 Conference  titled: "Optical Sensing in Urban Areas by Deployed Telecommunication Fiber Networks” Authors: P. Boffi, M. Ferrario, I. Di Luch, G. Rizzelli and R. Gaudino received today the BEST PAPER AWARD of the conference!!

You can have a preview of the paper at this link.