PhotoNext is the POLITO Inter-Departimental Center for Photonic technologies, focused on experimental and applied research in three key areas: optical fiber ultra-high speed communication systems, optical sensors and optical components for industrial applications.

You can find here a video describing the main features of the Center.


Starting from 2019, the Center is closely connected with FIP "Fotonica in Piemonte", the infrastructure on Applied Photonics sponsored by a project of Regione Piemonte. You can find here the brochure application/pdf (8.01 MB) describing this organization, and also the video of the kick-off event.

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Timetable for the lab closure in 2023

The days of LINKS Foundation (and consequently PhotoNext main Laboratory) closures for 2023 have been released. Please read this news to know the details.

2023, February 4th

Photonext and the II-level Master in "Quantum Communication and Computing"

The student of the II-level Master in "Quantum Communication and Computing" visited our laboratories. You can find all details here.

2023, February 8th

New paper on IEEE/OPTICA Journal of Lightwave Technology!

A new paper of ours was published today in IEEE/OPTICA Journal of Lightwave Technology: it proposes a computationally very efficient semi-analytical model to predict the performance of ultra-high speed #fiber #coherent transmission systems when polarization dependent loss and bandwidth limitations are particularly relevant.

  • Title:  An Analytical Model for Coherent Transmission Performance Estimation after Generic Jones Matrices
  • Authors: Giuseppe Rizzelli, Pablo Torres-Ferrera, and Roberto Gaudino,  

You can find the paper here.