2019, March 22nd, Shannon Meeting room

PhotoNext Seminar on advanced optical transmission techniques

Prof. Robert Killey (University College London) and Prof. Magnus Karlsson (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden) will give two very interesting talks on their recent activities on advanced optical transmission techniques on 2019, March 22nd.

The seminar will start at 13.30 in the Shannon Meeting Room. The titles of the talks are:

Prof. Robert Killey – University College London: "Self-coherent optical transceivers, and ultra-wideband long-haul transmission systems"

Prof. Magnus Karlsson – Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden): "Optical and Electrical Mitigation of Nonlinearities"

Here is a detailed description application/pdf (509.79 kB) of the Seminar

Published on: 15/03/2019