Wednesday 23 June 2021

Photonext Seminar by Dr. Riccardo Piccoli: Nonlinear phenomena in gas-filled hollow-core fibers

High-energy ultrashort optical pulses have opened new avenues in the investigation of ultrafast and strong-field-driven phenomena. However, the direct generation of such pulses, from visible to terahertz (THz) frequencies, is still very challenging and requires broadband spectra not directly available from common laser gain media. In this seminar, we will see how gas-filled hollow-core fiberscan be successfully employed in a vast variety of situations including extreme pulse broadening and compression, ultrabroadband THz generation, and extreme Raman red-shift.

Online Meeting (ZOOM) ID: 822 5669 2345 Passcode: 633103

Link to the Seminar complete program application/pdf (501.81 kB).

From: 2021, Monday June 28th

PhD Course: “Photonext: Hands-on course on Photonics for Fiber Transmission”: 2021 Edition

The 2021 edition of the PhD Course: “Photonext: Hands-on course on Photonics for Fiber Transmission” will ultimately take place! It was not easy, but we manage to find a way to have LIVE experimental session in each of the three weeks of the course.

The students will be guided through three different sets of experiments involving optical fiber systems. You can find further information iby clicking on the title of this news.

2021, April 27th

Seminar on Free Space Optical Communications by Dr. Italo Toselli

Optical Turbulence and its impact on Free Space Optical Communications
Dr. Italo Toselli – Fraunhofer IOSB Ettlingen, Germany
Tuesday 27 April 2021
11:30 – 13:00 POLITO Virtual Classroom
Link to the flyer application/pdf (540.33 kB)

Link to the recorded video of the seminar

2020, November 13th, 4:00 pm

Biennale Tecnologia - Politecnico Aperto

PhotoNext will participate to the POLITO dissemination event Biennale Tecnologia - Politecnico Aperto with a live online presentation on the current trends in Applied Photonics.

Stay tuned and... please follow this link for further information!

The event will be in Italian, here is the program: 

Titolo: Fotonica: la “luce” applicata all’Industria 4.0, alle telecomunicazioni, all’ambiente e alla medicina

Descrizione: Un percorso alla “scoperta della luce” attraverso una presentazione in aula con demo dal vivo. I visitatori potranno seguire dimostrazioni sperimentali alla scoperta della fotonica, una tecnologia alla base delle recenti rivoluzioni nella manifattura industriale (lavorazioni con laser), nelle telecomunicazioni (reti ad altissima velocità), nella medicina (chirurgia laser, diagnostica personalizzata) e nel monitoraggio civile e ambientale (sensori integrati nelle strutture).

October-November 2020

PhotoNext Dissemination event "Esperto in Classe - Biennale Tecnologia"

The PhotoNext center is actively participating in the dissemination events organized by POLITO under the initiative "Biennale Tecnologia - Esperto in Classe". You can see the details at the following link:

Our researchers, together with the POLITO OSA student Chapter, will visit four High Schools, with an interactive lesson on digital transmission over optical fibers.

2020, September 20

CISCO - POLITO Memorandum of Understanding signed today

We are pleased to announce that today 2020, September 20th a CISCO - POLITO Memorandum of Understanding has been finally signed. This constitute a very important general framework for the scientific collaboration between CISCO and Politecnico di Torino in the area of ICT, with a strong focus on optical communications. This is thus strongly related to the PhotoNext activities.

Please read the press release for further information

2020, October 2

A new informative paper on the PhotoNext infrastructure

We are pleased to announce that an informative paper on the PhotoNext infrastructure has been published on the Italian journal Applicazioni Laser, and can be found at the following addresses: at page 26

2020, October 1st

Kick-Off event for the INFRA-P FIP "Fotonica in Piemonte"

We are please to announce the Kick-Off event for the INFRA-P FIP "Fotonica in Piemonte", the open infrastructure for Applied Photonics. 

You can find more information FIP_locandina_definitiva application/pdf (1.18 MB).

This is a free online event, but you should register here

2020, April 24th 14.30-17.30

Seminar by Open Fiber on FTTH deployment in Italy

Ing. Gianluca Ferro from Open Fiber will give an online Seminar on FTTH deployment in Italy. The seminar will be offered online on the POLITO Virtual Classroom tool live on 2020, April 24th from 14.30 to 17.30

If you are interested to participate, please write an email to to receive the link of the video-conference.